Bad-Bag Troubles & How to Avoid Them: Madame Mattey

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Ladies, we’re back with some bag wisdom! This time, let’s look at some problems we all face on a day-to-day basis.



Klutz-y Keys: You’re back from the supermarket- tons of bags, milk cartons and handbag in tow. You have to set everything down, spend an HOUR looking for your keys, and then get inside. Supermarket errand rounds are already pretty stressful, why add to it? Madame Mattey totes feature a key fob – to keep those devils firmly tucked in place at all times.



LaptopProblems: Picture a typical security check – stand in line, fiddle with your bag, try and get your laptop out, and then try to put it back in. And if you travel in the metro every day, you’d just find it better to carry the laptop separately. Not with our totes! Featuring a dedicated laptop pocket AND a separate charger pocket, our bags ensure the smoothest run at security checks and otherwise. To top it all, you have to carry just one bag! Win-Win!

PS: We also have a metro/business card pocket so you don’t have to fiddle with your wallet when in line!


Rainy Day Blues: Carrying an umbrella on a rainy day is so much of a task – carry a separate cover for it, ensure you don’t get anything wet while storing it. Well, our totes have a fully waterproof inner lining with a separate umbrella pocket – which you can also use to store your coffee on non rainy days. Problem solved.


Sunglass Struggles: Most women don’t bother carrying a sunglass case – taking it out from the bag, putting it back in becomes too much of a job. And storing your sunglasses directly in your bag only adds to the blackhole problem – you also end up scratching them. We have a sunglass pocket for you – so go ahead and forget your case at home!



Carry it all the way: Madame Mattey totes have large 11 inch drop down handles – they’ll fit over business coats/winter coats too! And you can drop them down for easy under-seat storage on flights. Don’t bother fiddling with overhead storage!

Don’t wait for these problems to get to you, instead get your Madame Mattey totes today!



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