The Handbag Horror Handbook

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Today we’re going to talk about some irritating why-do-I-even-have-these-bag issues … sounds way too familiar? Well we don’t blame you! Every modern woman faces handbag problems of some sort. Too big? Too clumsy? Too much of a mess? Looks meh? The list is pretty much endless! Here’s our take at decoding a few familiar ones:





Ever look into your bag, only to descend into an unknown, unforeseen mess? This is commonly known as the Handbag Blackhole. Yes, you read it right. We couldn’t agree more though – it aptly describes the horror of going through the large, dark mess that you call your bag – and you almost never find anything on time.



We at Madame Mattey understand that you carry your whole world in your bag – and why give that up when you can find a much more organised way of doing it! Our totes fit in all your essentials – without compromising on the organisation factor. Keep a look out!


THE $$$


Ever feel guilty about spending a lot of hard-earned-money on a bag, but think it’s worth it anyway? Only to regret the purchase a few days later? Well, guess what! Luxury retailers make a margin of 300-400% on handbags – which means the bag is being sold for 3-4x times its production cost!

Think cheap bags just won’t make the quality cut?

Madame Mattey believes in honest pricing and accessible luxury – we source the finest Italian leathers yet believe in fair pricing. Buy a Madame Mattey tote and we’ll bet it won’t pinch your pockets or your eyes! So yes, go ahead and GET THE BAG!






Carrying multiple bags and looking like a hobo? No thanks, we’ve solved that for you already. Our totes fit both your laptop AND your essentials. Yes, you can keep your coffee, too. You’re welcome.





We saved the best for last. Ever asked your significant other to find something in from your bag, only to be greeted with a questionably hostile expression? Well, no wonder. Traditional totes keep things in a perpetually messy state. HOWEVER, with some clever little pockets and partitions, watch your tote take a 180 degree turn on itself. And your significant other, too.


             So tell us about your handbag problems in the comments section below!




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