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We founded Madame Mattey to solve the universal problem every modern woman faces – the handbag blackhole.


We are passionate about handbags, but sick and tired of carrying two bags to work – one handbag and one laptop bag. Finding a laptop bag which was fairly priced, yet super functional and beautiful was almost asking for too much. Through our research, we also found that the high end versions also served little to no meaningful purpose.


So we set out to create one!

We had a goal in mind – creating a beautiful yet super functional handbag, at an accessible price point. We quit our day jobs to pursue this goal further. After months and months of visiting several manufacturers, creating and recreating endless prototypes, and a long period of testing – we came up with what we feel is the perfect answer to a modern woman’s bag woes.


We call our tote The Smart Genius – with multiple features that add to its functionality, and high quality Italian leathers for a premium finish, there’s nothing this bag can’t do! A separate laptop pocket means this bag is all you need to carry. And we’ve catered for the laptop charger too - there won’t be a mess of wires the next time you open your bag because of a separate laptop charger pocket. 


A lot of us cannot live without our daily cuppa which is why we added a separate pocket for your coffee flask. This doubles up as an umbrella holder - and our fully waterproof lining means you can just shove your wet umbrella in without thinking twice.


A key fob means you won’t ever have to empty out your bag the next time you’re getting into the house. We’ve got you covered on the essentials too - a phone pocket, and a pocket for your metro/business card. 


Who keeps their sunglasses in the case anyway? We just shove it inside our bag. And yes, we’ve given you a dedicated pocket to do exactly that.


Adjustable drop down handles allow for easy storage - you could just drop the handles and store it under your seat while travelling. 


After successful completion of our preorders and with many happy customers, we’re launching soon ladies - new colors, go ahead and get your totes! They come in 2 sizes - for 13 inch and 15 inch laptops. Check out our super fun color range - black, wine, dark blue, bottle green, tan brown, light grey -  means you could match your bag everyday to your outfit.


Get shopping ladies!



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