Madame Mattey has been founded with a passionate dream to create
functional yet beautiful leather handbags for modern women at honest prices.

At Madame Mattey, we ensure high quality of all our products and remain
committed to our ethics and morals.

Meet the founders

Madame Mattey has been founded by mother daughter duo, Savita and Aakanksha with an objective to bring a change to the way women look at their handbags.

Our Story

We love leather! And Handbags are our passion. But we hate carrying 2 bags to work - a purse and a laptop bag. Our search for a beautiful leather bag which was not high on our pockets was a real challenge. Even the pricey and beautiful ones were blackholes with little or no functionality.

Multitasking is another name for woman juggling between various roles in her life and we wanted to solve this problem that every modern woman faces.

So the idea was born to simplify the life of modern woman by designing a functional leather handbag that is beautiful yet accessible to all. While designing an organized laptop handbag we ended up with a "Perfect Everyday Work Tote" that can carry your laptop and other essentials.

Enthused with the idea we quit our day jobs and founded "Madame Mattey" an honest alternative to designer luxury with a twist. It took months of extensive research and frequent trips to various manufacturers across the globe - designing, testing and redesigning of multiple prototypes again and again before reaching a flawless bag with each pocket designed and tested for perfect use.

Mission - Vision - Values


Simplifying the life of modern women through innovative fashion products of high quality at honest prices.


Revolutionize. Lead.........Fashion


We have strong ethics with focus on following values:
1) Honesty & Integrity
2) Committed to Customer Happiness
3) Passion for Quality & Innovation
4) Learning & Continuous Improvement
5) Making a difference in the world

Own a bag, be a blessing

Let us join hands

We will giveback a part of our profit to following causes few times a year.

Causes close to our heart: